About EvenHeat & Cooling

Welcome to EvenHeat & Cooling.  If you burn pellets, wood, or gas and want a cost effective, whisper quiet and energy efficient way to evenly distribute that heat, keeping all of your rooms toasty warm, then you need to hear about EvenHeat.

Comfort. Efficiency. Savings

Why do you need an EvenHeat Air Redistribution System?

  • You love your pellet stove (or other burning unit) but you are very tired of your living area being warm, yet your bedrooms and other zones being quite cold.
  • You currently supplement your ‘unit’ with some other form of heat (electric baseboard, stand alone heater) for the rooms that just don’t get warm enough costing you big $$$ every month.
  • You’re burning pellets or fuel all night long and you’re still going to bed in sweatpants and socks (admit it, sometimes you need a second pair to stay warm!)
  • You simply do not have tens of thousands of dollars to fork over for a ‘central heating and cooling’ solution.

What are the benefits of an EvenHeat & Cooling System?

  • First and foremost, Comfort!  Imagine a home where every room feels the same.  The kitchen, the back bedroom, the living room ALL at an even temperature.
  • Efficiency – Do you realize how much energy you are wasting overly heating one area of your house and NOT distributing that heat to rooms that could use it?  Stop supplementing your heating and lower your monthly utility bill by up to 30%.
  • Cost – Between 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of your typical ‘Central Air’ Solution.  Do NOT overspend!
  • Cooler in the Summer – If you use AC ‘window’ units to cool your house, just turn your system on and redistribute cold air to rooms that typically stay sweltering hot and unusable during the dog days of summer.
  • Whisper quiet with super low maintenance.

To schedule your free home consultation or to just talk to us about the prospects for your home, give us a shout here.


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