Our Story

EvenHeat and Cooling LLC, is the American tale.  Our core team was working in various industries when an engineering friend of ours approached us at an annual block party, touting a new air system he designed the previous winter that kept his whole house comfortable and his temperatures throughout even.  We took a short walk down the block to see this for ourselves.  After seeing the system, the ingeniously simple and clean design, and understanding first hand how and why this worked so well, we asked our engineer friend one more question … Can you help us bring this to market?

We recognized an opportunity.  People don’t have the equity in their homes they had just 3 years ago.  Lines of credit to install a $25,000 heating and cooling solution are simply not available.  But, people still want and deserve comfort and efficiency.  EvenHeat and Cooling delivers exactly that, at a true fraction of the cost.  So, we formed a business and partnered with some of the most reputable individuals and firms in the pellet and insert stove industry in the State of CT.  And now, we’re open for business.

It’s an American tale and we’re thankful you are now a part of it.

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